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The Black Atlantic - Reverence for Fallen Trees (2009)

by The Black Atlantic

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Baiulus 01:33
Fragile Meadow Woman, tranquilly labouring at our love’s cultivation I do believe, I am fortunate to have met you  Woman, how ephemeral our grace is in these wind stricken plains I do believe, it is our fate to reside here Away from the mountains of youth and safety In a fragile meadow Woman, I see you bloom in this sun that we have shaped I do believe, you are my companion and a true lover Through our rains and wintry phases I have come to love you for you 
Heirloom 04:05
Heirloom Heirloom to an old sun Now, you are in the light trees owned for so long In this tide that explodes on your retina Can you still look upwards into a vacant sky? To inhabit the winds, on your own?
An Ocean and Peril I have neither food, nor water I have neither pain, nor medicine I can neither dream, nor sleep I am in this blighted place And, I am haunted by an ocean that beckons me   I hear its siren song of oblivion And within contained: a sad and wonderful plea Of eerie depths and cool embrace I am in this blighted place And, I am haunted by an ocean that beckons me 
Old, Dim Light Old, dim light Signed by the road Showing us Home
Walked-on Wood   Last night you were running errands with dad, in his car Tied the ropes 'round the fence And saved a ewe flipped on her back Come morning, the house was full of strangers You stood out, like knots on old, walked-on wood   One bumped off the ladder Another moves a rung I can feel the summer in this current   Behind your shoulders he looms What can you say? When winter is lodged in your throat
Dandelion 02:39
Dandelion Now she walks the land The heart of which she always belonged to On the back ways Finding wild flowers and stones For a wise woman’s treasury She set free to the wind When the clock of her memory dispersed Into uncountable, incomprehensible time capsules Film rearranged on the reel In her eyes, I would always be four years old My dandelion  (It is not uncomplicated when the life of a loved one fades away)
Madagascar 03:11
Madagascar  O, great and wondrous world How the dice of evolution came up with a surprise To make these tiny particles come alive And for them to drape all things With a cosmic blanket of meaning When dust cherishes no memories Makes you wonder Whether man needs the lie like air to survive 
Reverence for Fallen Trees   Solemn is the expanse of canopy A boundless cathedral Funneling rays into this past I could not have known   I leave memories shimmering, pristine   And, in the glint of the light on the wavelets I am reborn, somber green In reverence for fallen trees
I Shall Cross this River   My love, she has chosen me For my candor of speech She takes me to the river Like a child at play   She sees not this bitter man But the promise of a lover When the darkness washes off She moves into my arms   So too, my folks support me Through my restless whims They see not this failure But the promise of a firstborn   When my darkness leaves When my fall is complete I shall cross this river for them


From the 29th of October until the 13th of November The Black Atlantic recorded a session in the Adirondack Mountains, upstate New York in the small town of Saranac Lake as part of the "In A Cabin With" project.
For this recording, drummer Marcel Wolthof was re-enlisted alongside singer-songwriter Kim Janssen on various instruments. Janssen co-wrote some of the songs for the recording and has permanently settled in and joined the band.
This session also
welcomed some of Brooklyn’s finest up and coming indie musicians: Leo Maymind
(Spanish Prisoners) and Peter Silberman (The Antlers).

The title of the album “Reverence for Fallen Trees” is a metaphor for “honour the dead”, referring to van der Velde’s grandparents, 3 of whom passed away recently in the past year. The album deals with such topics as ‘remembrance’ , ‘grief’, ‘family’, ‘love’, ‘disenchantment’ and ‘overcoming’, eloquently worded and brought to life in natural methaphors and direct references to this period in his family history. Musically the new songs showcase a much wider variety of instrumentation and willingness to experiment with sounds and soundscapes, and the use of multi-layered vocal harmonies; inspired by such acts as Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes and the Beach Boys. Rhytmically the group has chosen for a much more minimal, percussive approach touring with only a snare drum, floor tom and cymbal.


released August 21, 2009




The Black Atlantic The Netherlands

The Black Atlantic is a band formed around singer and songwriter Geert van der Velde, from the Netherlands.

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